Friday, February 15, 2008

I think I'm turning Japanese

I've been gorging on sushi and sashimi all week but today was most definitely the highlight because I got to go back to my most favourite Japanese restaurant in the whole wide world (including Japan)...Iori Japanese Restaurant in Canberra. I haven't been to Iori for years and I made sure that all the planets were in alignment so that I could make it to the restaurant to wallow in excessive feast. And what a feast! I ordered my usual, the Iori Zen Miyabi set, which involves lashings of sushi, tempura, grilled eel and delighful morsels of tasty fried sea creatures. The chef is truly a master of japanese cuisine. Why don't we have the same calibre of high quality, affordable authentic, japanese food in Melbourne? Every "Japanese" restaurant I've been to in Melbourne seems to be owned by chinese or koreans (maybe I just haven't found the right one yet). Price is also a consideration. Why does 'good' sushi in Melbourne cost so much more than 'excellent' sushi in Japan? Now...if only I can convince the owner of Iori to move to Melbourne....

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