Monday, April 14, 2008


Was standing on the train platform on Sunday morning at Flinders Street Station waiting for the Sandringham train to take me to Hampton. A man is wrestling a potato chip from a seagull. He remarks that there are too many seagull is Melbourne. His attention then turns to the asian communters waiting on the platform. "Fucking gooks", he yells, "just like the seagulls; too many of them. Everywhere". He then targets a few of the commuters specifically. A poor guy coming down the escalator cops a earful. Soo, too, did a woman listening to her ipod.

Two hours later....I am sitting on the number 70 tram waiting outside Flinder's Street station. A crowd is surging in front of the tram, marching steadily towards the State library, red flags and banners flying. "One China, One country", they shout. 5000 chinese people marching in unison. A grin appears on my face. I wonder if the seagull guy was still at Flinder's Street Station.