Monday, May 5, 2008

A cultural weekend...

Went to a wedding on Saturday and ate too much wedding cake. It's not my fault. Profiteroles were an excellent idea for a wedding 'cake'. The only problem was keeping the eager guests away from them until the appropriate moment had come. All the single women, of course, went crazy over the bouquet. Pity the poor middle-aged man who got caught up in the scrum.

Met up with some friends at the NGV on Sunday for the Sidney Nolan retrospective. Wow. I had no idea Nolan was such a versatile artist. I was quite familiar with his Ned Kelly series but some of his later works involving spray paint was completely foreign to me. And what an eloquent artist he was too (as a quote in the last room above his self portrait attests). Might go back when the crowds are smaller so I can actually see the painting up close.

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