Monday, May 19, 2008

Man on a mission...

I was a man on a mission on Sunday. After 3 years of impeccable timing, the battery on my watch finally died and I needed to drop it off to a specialist watch dealer to get the battery replaced. The whole process takes about an hour which provided me with ample opportunity to (A) spend the various gift vouchers I received for my birthday and (B) shop for a present for a friend who just received her doctorate. Yay!

Shopping vouchers were ridiculously easy to spend. The day before, Nathan and I had been wandering around Melbourne Central doing some window shopping so I already had an inkling of what I wanted to get. So...first stop was to David Jones where I bought myself a nice long sleeved shirt (which I will have to hide from Nate who has a habit of stealing my best shirts to wear). Next, I headed to the Saba shop on Collins Street and bought myself a nice hooded sweater. Was served by a very cute sales guy who reckons that the winter collection at Saba this year was the best ever. Big call but the clothes certainly were nice.

I then headed off to Aero design on Southbank (yes...I was crisscrossing all over the CBD) to buy my friend the graduation presents. This was followed by a trip back to Little burke street to have lunch at my favourite roast duck place (mmm...succulent duck). By then, it was time to go back to the watch place, pay my $90 and get my watch back. Done. I must admit I was a bit embarrased at the watch place. It's one of those shops that has to buzz their customers in through a security door. I treat my watch like abosulte shit and it showed. I promised the guy to get the watch serviced the next time the battery died. I walked out of the shop with watch in hand and shopping bags in tow, wandered up Collins Street, just in time to hop on the tram.


Alfred said...

Yes Melbourne Central is very nice also it is a very busy place.Did you do anything

Monty said...

Sounds like a perfect day really! Lots of fun! :-)