Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bring on the weekend

What a terribly uneventful week it has been. Work has been busy but not very exciting. I guess the last minute decision to go to Michael Kirby's talk on Tuesday night was probably the only highlight. I'm looking forward to the weekend though. A friend of a friend (and now a friend in his own right) is having a birthday dinner at St Kilda on Saturday night. Should be fun. Both he and his partner are super nice people (this despite the fact that both came from NZ). The very first (and last) time I went to the Laird was actually on Jono's bucks night many many months ago. It is not a venue that I will forget anytime soon (I have never before seen so many big hairy gay guys standing around drinking beer in the one place). Dinner at a seafood restaurant on saturday night should be relatively tame by comparison....I think.

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