Saturday, February 20, 2010

Uni 101

The new semester starts in a couple of weeks and our campus will soon be packed with undergraduates. Blessed.

University life can be a real eye opener for many first time undergraduates. It is a time for self discovery, to start anew. Anyone with emotional baggage can choose to leave them behind at the campus gates. Most people wont know who you are. In the dimly-lit lecture theatre, amidst a sea of a 1000 faces, you can be completely anonymous. You can pretty much dress how you want, study what you like, socialise with whom you choose, state your views, join whatever clubs or political groups you wish. No one will care. At uni you can be as chaste as you choose or as debaucherous as you desire.

The vast majority will adjust brilliantly and quickly settle into university life. Some will have way too much fun to the neglect of their studies. And a small minority will find it a real struggle.


Andrew said...

'And a small minority will find it a real struggle.'

Shy sexual identity crisis bois from the country? I am sure some who don't fit will be so described.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wish I could go back in years..I loved it at Uni. I remember the orientation week being a true eye opener, my word!

Victor said...

I was only 16 and pretty immature by the today's standards.

I learnt how to play 500 and had lots of sex but unfortunately wasted the opportunity to improve my mind.