Monday, March 22, 2010

The suit

I went shopping for a suit yesterday. I have a couple of weddings to attend in the coming months (including my sister's) and I no longer fit into the suit I bought when I was living in Europe (it musyt have shrunk in the wash).

As a biologist, I don't get much of an opportunity to wear suits... as you can probably imagine they are not at all practical whilst trying to catch animals.

The suit-buying experience is kinda daunting for people like me (i.e. suit-buying novices). First up, there were so many different ones to choose from. In the end, I settled for a black suit from the Saba section at DJs. I figure that black is the most versatile (suitable for weddings AND funerals!).

Second, I find overly beautiful male sales assitants with tight-fitting clothes and shiny faces really intimidating. It makes me feel guilty about paying membership for the gym that I never use. It also makes me feel terribly self conscious for being the only gay man in the universe who doesn't use moisturiser. Fortunately, there was a nice indian girl working at the Saba section and I was able to latch onto her for all my suit-buying advice.


Evol Kween said...

I will be suit shopping this weekend....stress!

Who's he again? said...

I don't moisturise either .. but I do like buying suits. You just have to go with whatever looks good, even if you end up trying on every one in the shop.

Leaving a bit of room to grow around the tummy is also good!

I have six or seven, but that's only because I am sat at a desk all day. At least I don't have to wear a tie most days.

Loving your blog BTW!

Adaptive Radiation said...

EK: DJ's is having a sale.
WHA: I didn't even think about trying multiple suits. I just went for a trusted label and then bought the first thing I tried. How boring is that?

Victor said...

I don't use moisturiser either.

I don't mind the impossibly good looking sales assistants until they want to measure my inside leg and then I feel very inadequate.