Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend in the country

Went back to the country over the weekend. Nathan's sister seems to be doing ok though she reckons the reality of the situation has yet to set in. She feels really bad for the family of the dead guy. The police promised to follow through with their enquiries and try to fill in some of the gaps so she can get some closure. They have also offered counselling. Made me realised that we often think of the family of people who commit suicide but not necessarily the people who discover the bodies. The impacts are a lot more far reaching than I had previously considered.

On a positive note, Nate and I had a great time back in the country. We stayed over at his mum's place in Warrigul and then went to visit his sister and neice on the farm in Yarragon. On the farm, the blackberry bushes were absolutely laden with fruit and I spent an hour with Nathan's neice picking (and pigging out) on the berries. Also took home some stewed pears and apple cucumbers.

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