Friday, April 2, 2010

Dog sitting

The family is down from Canberra over Easter and are staying at a motel. Since the motel doesn't allow pets, the family dog (a small fluffy thing) has come to live with us. Nate and I have been thinking about getting a dog so this was a good test. Meeko is getting on a bit and needs medicating. I had a hard time feeding him his tablets this evening (even with the aid of a special contraption that was meant to make the task easier). Meeko managed to chew up and spit out the tablet, getting the stuff all over Nathan's jeans. This caused a minor panic since the instructions called for the tablet to be handled with gloves so we thought it might be toxic (a quick hop onto the internet revealed that it is only dangerous to pregnant women). I tried again. And again, Meeko spat the tablet out. At over $10 a pop and with two tablets in the bin, I gave up. Strike 1.


Andrew said...

You would have to make sure you are home enough so that a dog is not alone for too long. This is why we don't have a dog, however, we have had two from pup to death. Open their mouth wide, pill at the back of the tongue and shut their mouth until they swallow. You can't be kind when giving pills to pets.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks for the tips Andrew. It was somewhat humiliating being outsmarted by a shi tzu.