Monday, April 19, 2010

Office clean out

It's always sad when a good colleague retires or quits to go elsewhere. On the plus side, the departure is invariably linked to a big office clean out with plenty of interesting stuff potentially up for grabs. The most recent clean out resulted in the following (rather intriguing) email from the new occupant.

Hi All

There are quite a few items in my new office that have belonged to previous inhabitants.
These include (among other things):

An upright aquarium (about 40x40x50cm)
A large blanket (blue)
Large plastic sleeves (0.6 x 0.9m)
A wardrobe
Protector - insecticide smoke
2 bicycle pedals
Baygon insect killer, Silica gel (500g bottle), Hairspray
4 bottles of Stingose (treatment for stings and bites)
A fridge
Two cast metal lanterns
Many small bottles with either cotton blue (lactophenol) and immersion oil( paraffin oil)
Three pairs of pants (patterns: cow, zebra & shopping bag)
A box of koala skulls
Something that appears to be a dead possum

If you would like to have any of these things, please come by my office.
They will soon be removed permanently.


Andrew said...

Grab those koala skulls. They will make an interesting talking point in your lounge room.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I was thinking about that on the train yesterday. Might pop up to the office and see if they are still available. I could even sell them on to one of those funky junk shops on Chapel Street.

Victor said...

Pants that have a shopping bag pattern?

How peculiar!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes...the former colleague used to wear fancy outfits for his lectures. They were lengendary.