Saturday, May 22, 2010

Europe bound

Just one more week to go before Nathan and I head over to Europe. It's a work visit for me and a holiday (of sorts) for Nathan (he will be coming along as my 'research assistant').

This will be our 'office' whilst we are away from home:

I will be doing research on these:

I will try not to work too hard so I can leave plenty of time to go into the forest to look for these:

I plan on eating plenty of this at Restaurant Origo (mmmm...seafood buffet):

And before we come back to Oz, I will likely buy a piece of nordic design such as this:


Victor said...

Nice office. Take some sun protection with you!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Good advice Victor. The last time I was doing research there I ended up becoming as dark as my anglo-sri lankan friend Sheila!

Ann ODyne said...

oh that teapot shape is the absolute Last Word in 1966 South Yarra-chic and I got mine from Gillam-Quigley in Toorak Road which was the first homewares store selling stylish design.
Everytime we needed a 21st birthday* party gift we went to G-Q bless their hearts. It was the Only Place to go.

(the late 60's was when all my friends turned 21, and style was the preferred gift of that era, whereas these days it would be microchip personal amusement iTems. That sums up the entire social shift actually so please contemplate that when enjoying your Schon Wonen).