Sunday, May 9, 2010

A night out in the burbs

Sarah, our friend, celebrated her 30th last night at a greek restaurant out in Werribee. There is a provincial chinese saying to describe places like Werribee..."a place where even rabbits won't go to shit." The dinner was fine but I think I'm a bit over greek food (this was the third greek meal in two weeks).

After dinner, Nate and I caught the train back to Southern Cross Station and this is when things started to get interesting. I had heard that the Werribee train line was potentially dodgy but it was still quite early in the evening so we thought nothing of taking the train.

We got onto the last carriage and Nate immediately noticed a group of teenagers horsing around and generally being loud and obnoxious in the next carriage. When the train pulled up at one of the stations, an asian guy got on and immediately took offence to the teenagers and it was apparent (even though we couldn't hear anything from our carriage) that the conversation got pretty heated.

The teenagers retreated to our carriage and were becoming increasingly aggitated, pacing back and forth, swearing and kicking things (one even smashed an empty soft drink can repeatedly over his head). Disturbingly, they were also planning to return to their carriage and bash the asian guy. A lot of it was puff but seeing as we were seated closest to the door to the next carriage, I must admit I was getting a little scared.

Things took a slight turn for the worst when one of the teenagers smashed a bottle and was threatening to glass the asian guy. I made Nathan get off art Newport when the asian guy also got up and smashed a bottle.

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Andrew said...

The only time I ever felt really uncomfortable on a train was the same train line in broad daylight.