Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visits to the GP

Typical...only days before the trip and I've had to go to the doctors, not once, but twice this week!!

My heart has been beating irregularly for the last fortnight. Blood results reveal high cholestrol. My blood pressure is also high (but only at the doctor's office). The doctor has increased my meds and told me to lose weight and do more exercise (surprise, surprise).

I decided to get back onto a healthy eating plan right away, which is a real bitch given my recent discovery of the Laksa King and that chinese restaurant near the Vic markets that does a mean braised pork knuckle. I guess roast duck is out too (at least, for a while). I decided to go sushi yesterday at work. Big mistake...Food poisoning.

I reckon Finland will be good for me...plenty of fresh air, fish and berries. I've been advised to stay clear of the sauna though...extreme temperature changes, the sight of naked men, and a recalcitrant heart are a recipe for disaster.


cloudcontrol said...

orry to hear about the medical results - bummer on the eve of a holiday!

What Chinese place near Vic market? Pork knuckle me up! :)

Adaptive Radiation said...

I wish I knew the name. It's one of those places that I know how to get to but don't actually have a street address. Bugger.

Victor said...

Increased doctor's visits and health issues.

Welcome to the 'getting older by the day' club.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I guess so. I already have one of those multi-compartment pill boxes with the big letters for each day of the week so I dont forget my meds!