Friday, June 4, 2010

spices, missiles and quark

Someone has pinched the olive oil and the spices from the pantry. They belonged to someone who would've occupied the unit before we moved in. What's really weird is that our unit is always locked and the only people with keys are the three guys staying here (me, nathan and a work colleague) and the field station caretaker and cleaning staff. My colleague suspects the cleaning lady. I reckon a moose walked in and pinched it.

Apart from vanishing kitchen ingredients, the other bizarre thing about living here at the field station (actually there are quite many bizarre things) is the fact that the Finnish army trains its soldiers nearby and there is always the disconcerting sound of artillery going off. Death by stray missile was not something I had put down on my work risk assessment for the trip.

And one final thing (for now, anyway)...the range of dairy products consumed by Finns far out number what I am used to back home. This trip, I introduced Nathan to the delights of piima (kinda like sour milk) and quark (something that the station staff serve to us for dessert at lunch time and goes well with fruit).


Victor said...

And there I was thinking a quark was something astronomical....


Adaptive Radiation said...

This version is gastronomical.