Thursday, July 22, 2010

The art auction

I went to an art auction last night on Commercial Road. It was a real eye-opening experience. First, I had no idea how much disposable income there is out there. People pay serious amounts of money for art. One lot sold for a staggering $110,000. That's like a house in Tasmania! A shitty house, sure, but a house nonetheless.

Second, a lot of older women at the auction last night seemed to have had one two many face-lifts. I guess disposable income and plastic surgery go hand in hand.

Third, auction houses do very well to ply their potential clients with alcohol. There was a lot of wine consumed last night. I guess it drives up the bidding.

Fourth, when it comes to auctions, some people will dig their heels in to secure a lot regardless of how much it costs (and if I was a little braver, should try to drive up the bidding just for fun).


Victor said...

Just don't go to one when you have a nervous tick.

You'll end up purchasing the lot without knowing it.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes...I was nervous everytime I moved my hand or arm.

Ann ODyne said...

but now we find out that it is NYC venture capital-ists who were determined bidders ... using OPM makes that easy.