Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death by painting?

I went to see one of my favourite gallerists the other day and she proceeded to tell me how she was almost killed by one of her paintings. I always thought that art collecting would be a relatively benign past time compared to, say, sky diving or bungy jumping. But no...according to Brigitte, it can be dangerous.

Brigitte has a vast and impressive art collection and every available wall space, from floor to ceiling, is covered with paintings. Evidently, one of her most beloved canvases, a rather large one, fell on her head. The force of the impact knocked her out. Fortunately she was ok (and so was the painting) but it did make me wonder about some of the many artworks I have hanging in my own apartment but I guess there are worse ways to die than being dispatched by a favourite work of art.


Victor said...

I'd prefer death by chocolate; in fact I'm probably well on the way given the amount of chocolate I consume.

Adaptive Radiation said...

If it's dark chocolate, it's ok ;-)