Friday, August 6, 2010

The sales pitch

Last night at an art exhibition preview...

Me: I really like this painting.
Gallerist (pointing to another painting): Yeah but you really should get this one.
Me: But I prefer my one more.
Gallerist (still insiting on the other painting): I'm telling you, this is the better painting. It's the one the NGA [National Gallery of Australia] was interested in.
Me: Maybe they should buy it.
Gallerist: They can't afford it.

By now, we are joined by some random guy who was also at the exhibition...

Random guy: I agree with Grant. It's the better piece. You should get it.
Me to Randy: I like the other one more. Maybe you should buy this one?
Random guy: I can't possibly.
Gallerist: Seriously [turning to me], you should get this one. I'm telling you.
Me: I can't afford it.
Gallerist: Oh...why didn't you say so earlier [He walks off].


Evol Kween said...

Having worked behind the scenes at an auction house for a number of years, I"m very familiar with this conversation and the attitude of the gallerist. The painting he was trying to force on you was probably worthless and no one else wnated to buy it!

Victor said...

I suspect Evol is right in his assumption.

You are quite right to go for a work you prefer...when you can afford it.