Thursday, September 2, 2010

The bus driver

In contrast to most people, I don't mind bus drivers, especially the ones that take me between the train station and my work. The regulars always wait for me if they see me running towards the bus and yesterday I actually had a decent conversation with the driver on the way to the train station about, of all things, abstraction (the driver is also doing a Masters in Fine Art). So...Melbourne bus drivers are both learned and kind.


Andrew said...

Bus drivers always seem less stressed than tram drivers.

Victor said...

I've been on the Gold Coast the past three days and made a number of local bus trips.

Each of the drivers was friendly and helpful with information.

On one of the trips our driver was radioed by another to advise that he was carrying a passenger who needed to transfer to our bus and the two buses connected at a later stop to enable the passenger to make the change. Can't see that happening in Sydney.

Adaptive Radiation said... comments about bus drivers definitely don't apply to Sydney.