Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tour guide

I've been playing host to international visitors for the last week. Just as one left, another two have arrived. I've been stepping into 'tour guide' mode. Looking at aboriginal art at the National Gallery of Victoria, checking out graffitti and stencil art in lane ways, shopping on Brunswick Street, eating in St Kilda. Took my friends to the Greyhound last night. Straight male friend didn't dance but straight female friend couldn't get off the dance floor. Typical. Both had a blast but boy are my legs sore this morning. I think I'm getting old. Chapple street today (and maybe a revisit to Brunswick to try the Little Creature dining hall).


Marshall-Stacks said...

Here's one for next time -
The Stranger's Corridor.

put some DeepHeat on those knees and get back on the dancefloor!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks! Those parliamentary scones look yummy.