Monday, May 16, 2011

The shop assistant

Was talking to a sales assistant the other day who was trying to make conversation. She should have stuck to something simple like the weather (You can't easily say something offensive if you talk about the rain or the cold).

Nope, this stupid woman decides to talk about asian people. I guess her thought processes must have gone something like this..."I am serving asian customers so I will talk to them about asian things."

She begins by telling us about how her son whom she suspects is secretly wanting to be asian. And in an effort to show us that she is completely cool about her son turning his back on his continental european heritage, she tells us that she hopes he will mary a nice asian lady so they can have asian babies.

She then tells us about her holiday in Thailand and how she loves Thai food. Like I really give a rats arse...I'm not even Thai.

And just when you'd think she couldn't get any more offensive, she asked Nathan if he was our tour guide.

"No" I should have said, "he is our immigration detention officer. We are on excursion from Villawood".

What I said instead was "No, he is my partner" to which the woman replied "Good on you." We made a quick exit before she had the opportunity to begin talking to us about gay things.


Andrew said...

Lol at your b/f being the 'tour guide'. I will remember that tomorrow and chuckle again. Interesting about her son wanting to be Asian. Quite funny too really. Don't judge her too harshly, she is trying to come to grips with the modern world which might be acceptable if you were in her shop in a town in the Mallee.

We contend with our waitress Shazza, Sharon, at our local pub. No Shazza, we don't want sticky date pudding tonight, no matter how often you press us to have sticky date pudding, always said with inflections.

Adaptive Radiation said...

She was more the continental European type with big hair and painted nails who likes to say 'youse'. But you are right....she was trying to be nice.

Victor said...

Some of my best friends are shop assistants.