Friday, May 27, 2011

Wood peckers and fire trucks

I took the morning off today and went with my friend/colleague to a nearby island (there seem to be many in Finland) for a walk through the woods. Saw some rabbits, a hare and a red fox on the way to the island...they look much less like vermin in their native habitat.

Whilst walking through the forest, I saw and heard a couple of wood peckers. I got very excited by those (in much the same way that my colleague/friend got excited when he saw cockatoos for the first time in Australia).

We ended up walking about 10km through birch, maple and pine forest, and decided to catch the bus back home. When we got back, we noticed six fire trucks across from my friend's apartment. The old building across the road had caught fire sometime in the morning when we were out. Most of the roof was gone. It looks like several units might have been affected. I wonder if it was a sauna incident gone wrong.


Andrew said...

Try walking through the bush here and then coming across a bus to get you home. I don't think so. Seeing a woodpecker in action would be pretty good.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Exactly. I think it can only happen in a place like Finland. You'd like the public transport system here. They do a lot of things that make sense, it is clean and efficient and, most importantly of all, they deliver it on time.