Saturday, October 20, 2012

mumbling to self

I spent the day working at the Prahran library yesterday. Sometimes it's good to get out of the office...too many distractions. There is a quiet area at the back of the library with desks for people to work so I found myself a nice little spot and settled into the thesis I was suppose to be marking. About an hour in, a guy settles into a desk opposite me and starts to use the internet. At first, he was mumbling very softly to himself (evidently there were some issues with his keyboard or internet connection). But then he got increasingly more aggressive and started swearing at the computer, talking to himself, and banging wildly at the computer. This goes on for at least half an hour. Seriously, are those antics really necessary?


Victor said...

In the movies there would be librarian - spinster lady in appearance - to go ssssshhhhhh at the noisy one.

Adaptive Radiation said...

There were librarians. Two guys. Both ineffective.

Andrew said...

God save the State Library La Trobe Reading Room.