Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm off again

Barely recovered from the jet lag, I'm already preparing for the next trip. Fortunately this one is just interstate...a week and a half on a tropical island for work. Before my trip to Norway, I had arranged to get prescription sunglasses made so I could take them with me. I went to collect them yesterday but when I put them on, everything looked blurry. At first, I thought I just needed time for my eyes to adjust but it soon became apparent that they had made a mistake with one of the lenses. The store manager said she'd try to get them corrected for me before I go. Otherwise, she offered to courier them to me. Not sure what kind of courier service they use but I doubt they'd be able to easily get it to me.


Andrew said...

Bit annoying. Hope you do your job better than the do.

Victor said...

How frustrating. I reckon they take too long to provide prescription lenses as it is.