Thursday, April 11, 2013

a huge relief

I went to the GP earlier in the week to get my prescriptions in order prior to my trip to Sweden on Sunday.

I mentioned I had experienced chest pains a few weeks prior so the doctor advised I do an ECG.

The next day, my GP contacted me early in the morning to tell me to see him right away. Apparently the ECG was abnormal. When i saw him, he said that I may have had a heart attack.

More tests were ordered, along with an appointment to see a specialist.

I went to the cardiologist today and everything checked out fine. What a scare.


Andrew said...

My ordeal last year and I wrote about it at the time. If they want you to do the heart exercise stress test, tell them to get stuffed.

Adaptive Radiation said...

The cardiologist suggested I get an echo done when I get back but mostly for 'peace of mind'. I think the initial results were all the more credible due to a family history on my mum's side and so I was reasonably calm when I was told about the heart attack but still, what a relief.

Victor said...

My goodness, that would have been a worry.