Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some sad news

Nathan called me earlier to tell me that our friend's partner had died in a car accident overnight. Our friend found out at work and was so distraught he had to be escorted out of the building. Andrew is now a statistic on the easter road toll. I'd only met him once, a few months ago when we had them over  for dinner. Andrew was such a lovely guy. Smart. Funny. I keep thinking about the night they came over and how much Nathan and I liked the guy. I remember him showing me pictures of his two shitzus (one of whom, coincidentally, is also called Truffles). We were suppose to do brunch in South Melbourne next time. It's all very sad.


Andrew said...

Sorry to hear. What an awful thing.

Victor said...

I hadn't read this when we met for brunch this morning otherwise I would have expressed my sympathy.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks. I think our friend needs it...The truly awful thing for him is that he still hasn't come out to his parents yet so they don't know it's his partner who passed away.