Sunday, June 16, 2013

cabin fever

Although I enjoy my time at the research station, I think I am also starting to get cabin fever.

It is really quiet here at the moment...a lot of the staff and students depart for the weekend. I really should have done the same and gone to Helsinki (if only for a day trip).

A colleague from another city, Jyvasklya, tried to entice me over for a visit with the promise of cooking me moose and mushrooms. I was tempted. Jyvaskyla is an interesting city. I've visited there only once before. Parts of it reminds me a little of Canberra, with its lake and concrete (brutalist) architecture.

Anyhow...going away is kinda difficult at the moment. We have a tight time schedule for the experiments we are doing. This year the fish are being recalcitrant and are not breeding too well so its pretty slow going. Also, I reckon I'd feel guilty abandoning my student. This is his first trip to Europe and if he is stuck in a research station doing 15 hour days, I should at least be around him to offer support (even if I am in my room watching youtube videos).

At least the mosquitoes have mellowed a little. Even they seem to have left the research station for the weekend.

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