Friday, December 1, 2017

Canberra bound

I'm going to Canberra today.

It was a spontaneous decision. I needed to spend the rest of the Qantas gift voucher I bought myself a year ago (to earn extra Qantas points).

I was incredibly stupid. I've flown so much this year but I kept 'saving' my voucher for 'later' (I don't know why). Next time I'll know better and  actually use the voucher as soon as I can to avoid flying-for-the-sake-of-flying simply to try to use up the voucher towards the expiry date.

Oh well, it will be nice to go to see the family.


Victor said...

How often have I wasted vouchers by leaving them for something special to emerge only to forget or run out of time!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Me too. One of my favourite comedians summed up the idiocy of buying and gifting vouchers, which is to take perfectly good money (which can be spent everywhere) to exchange it for something that can only be spent in one shop within a limited time period.