Monday, January 21, 2008

Brunswick brekky and new year on Victoria street

I woke up to a gloomy, wet morning on Sunday. Crap. I had earlier lent my umbrella to Nathan and had planned a brunch with my friends Dave and Steph. Fortunately, the skies cleared a bit and I managed to get out to Brunswick Street without getting too wet. Brunch was great. The company was awesome too. Afterwards, I headed off to the Fitzroy nursery for a bit of a wander and then decided to catch the 112 tram to St Vincent's Plaza so that I could go to Victoria street to do some grocery shopping. I had no idea that Victoria Street had been closed off to traffic because of Vietnamese new year festivities. Apart from the minor inconvenience of having to use a replacement bus service, my biggest regret was that I was too stuffed from brunch to try any of the delectable morsels on offer by all the street vendors that lined Victoria street. I noticed that these food stalls had even managed to displace the usual drug pushers that loiter on the street corners. It seemed like everybody was having a festive time.

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