Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Long weekend

Wow. What a weekend. It got off to a good start on Friday when I spent most of the day in my office piecing together an outfit for a fancy dress party in Elwood to celebrate a work colleague/friend's birthday.. It was an underwater theme and I ended up going as a shark. Spent the night eating cured salmon, pickled herring and swedish meatballs (the host is Swedish) and dancing to cheesy 80s music. My partner, Nathan, got totally wasted and was spinning some of my female work colleagues around on the dance floor and stumbling into the furniture. Nate paid for it with a massive hang over the next day. On saturday, I took possession of a mate's car for a week (she and her partner were off to Tassie to walk the over land track). I guess I only realised how much I missed having a car when I finally had one for a week...it awesome to have access to a vehicle and I hauled Nathan (who was starting to recover from the night before) off to the nursery to buy some pots and potting mix so I could begin my balcony transformation. In the arvo, while I was busy potting up the plants, I witnessed a tram accident outside the apartment. Poor mini cooper didn't stand much of a chance. No one was seriously hurt (from what I could see) but it did cause a bit of a tram jam. In the evening, we managed to catch some of the Australia Day fireworks from our balcony. On Sunday, we headed off to the Camberwell markets and, in the afternoon, I caught up with my jorno friend, Marcella, at the Carlton Gardens (it seemed that everybody was having a birthday in January). Took the car out for another spin on Monday (which was the official public holiday to make up for Australia Day falling on the weekend). Headed of to Keysborough, drove along Brighton and stopped for lunch in Elsternwick (had the best burger ever...can't go wrong with chicken and brie). Fantastic.

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