Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend highlights

I had one of those nice, relaxing weekends that involved plenty of good food and great company. Started off on Saturday with morning tea at the Paper bark cafe situated at the base of Mout Evelyn in the Dandenong Ranges. There, I experienced the most amazing wattleseed scones, liberally plastered (of course) with homemade jam, macadamia butter and cream. Yum. Afterwards, I felt compelled to wander around the beautiful Karanga native plant nursery where i picked up a decent sized Banksia for my balcony. Spent Saturday evening on my own because Nathan had to go to work. Home alone, I grilled myself a sizable portion of salmon before heading out into the city to buy some indegridents for my red duck curry on Sunday night. Spent the morning on Sunday with nathan in a domestic state of house cleaning before going out to meet his cousins for lunch at the Rose Hotel. I had never been to the Rose before but what a treat. Situated a block away from busy Brunswick Street, the Rose had a most impressive (and cheap) pub menu. I went for the mixed grill. It looked nothing like the one in the picture above, but boy was it tasty. It's hard to pass up on a good mixed grill. Was planning on going to the pride march in St Kilda but was comatose from too much grilled meat so ended up relaxing at home instead (was thinking of making Nathan march around the living room but he was already upstairs in the bedroom taking a nap). I loitered around the kitchen chopping up vegetables for duck curry (I had already deboned the duck and masticated the carcass in front of the TV the night before). Curry was great. It was partly a 'thankyou' dinner prepared for the friends that had lent me the car for the week (and allowed me to carry pots and potting mix and plants from all over the city back to the Docklands). The guest left and I went to bed. My shirt feels a little tight this morning. Hmmm...must control excessive weekend feasting from here on in.

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