Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wonder what they're really like

I'm beginning to wonder how often the same people keep popping up in our lives without us ever knowing. Humans are creatures of habit and in our daily wanderings, I am sure that the same sets of people are constantly crossing paths. Sometimes we take note by virture of what these people look like or what they do. A good example is the young asian woman I keep seeing walking her dog on Collins street on my way to Southern Cross Station . And then there is the security guard at the NGV who I keep bumping into outside the NGV. We are on first name basis now (her name is Mary) and she gives me a hug whenever she sees me. But the people that I am most intrigued about are the people who share my twice-daily commute to and from work. It took me two years to strike up a conversation with the oragami guy (whom I now know as Darren). Oragami guy waited on the same platform as me every morning with colourful paper in hand, busily folding the most amazing geometrical objects. An initial nod of acknowledgement soon turned to a smile every now and then, before finally proceeding to a conversation one day when our train failed to turn up. Recently, I've been intrigued by another fellow commuter. the girl with the nose ring who gets on my train at Flinders Street. She has a cool collection of t-shirts with interesting slogans (one of them says "Show me your riffs"). She tends to stand by the door, walks to work from the train station, and ocassionally she bakes cakes (on those days she tends to jump onto the connecting bus). She seems quiet but nice. Importantly, she is intriguing...her physical appearance doesn't seem to sit with her cake baking antics. I'd love to get to chat with her sometime. Maybe one day...

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