Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creepy crawlies

What motivates someone to declare their love (or is it lust?) to a complete stranger? I remember seeing a news story a few months ago about a guy in New York who had set up a website to try and track down some mystery girl he had seen on the subway. Nothing creepy about that right? Some might even say it's rather romantic. It did, after all, make international headlines and there was a lot of public interest when the guy finally caught up with his girl (who turned out to be an aussie). Sweet. But when does it all turn creepy? A friend of mine in the US woke up one evening to find a guy she knew standing outside her bedroom window. Fortunately, her dad (a military lawyer) managed to chase the guy down and put an end to his voyeuristic behaviour. More recently, a friend who catches the same train to work was telling me about an email he received from a secret admirer declaring their lust for him. Turns out that the secret admirer had been to a seminar that my friend had given. Flattering....but also a little scary.

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