Monday, June 30, 2008

tzatziki, mexican, and karaoke

So the greek BBQ on Friday night was absolutely fantastic: great company and incredible food. I certainly don't regret the decision not to eat lunch that day... I was still full on Saturday morning. Nate and I ended up staying for lunch to help demolish the leftovers before heading back to the city for a much needed afternoon nap. We also wanted to keep an eye on Betty because her daughter, Kathy, had left on Saturday morning for a six week vacation to the USA and Europe.

Later in the evening, we went to South Yarra to meet some friends for Mexican food. The cuisine is not what I would describe as authentic but, rather, western stereotypes of what mexican food is all about. Still, I must say that it was probably the best Tex-mex I've ever had. The food aside, conversation at the table turned out to be a lot more interesting than I could possibly have imagined. One of Nate's friends had bought a date. He was a doctor from Pakistan who had just been in the country for 6 weeks or so and had met Nate's friend only the week before. Poor guy. He is dealing with a lot of internal conflicts at the moment....Muslim, gay and still in the closet. The issues are complex and I am not quite sure exactly what he will end up doing but I suspect that, in all likelihood, he will probably end up entering a straight relationship down the track, get married and have kids.

After the dinner, Nate and I headed off to karaoke in the city. His ex (and former housemate) was celebrating his 30th at the K-Box. It is not the typical karaoke establishment that I am accustomed to (i.e. pub). This was more the Asian style of karaoke (similar to one I had experienced in tokyo a couple of years ago)...much more private and discreet. We had a room to ourselves, away from strangers. This was just as well for although birthday boy had a fantastic voice, the rest of us sounded like alley cats in heat.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. Caught the tram late in the afternoon to Northcote to visit Nate's cousin who had just had a baby. Came home afterwards, made and ate some pizza, and then headed upstairs to bed to read. By 9pm, the lights were out and I was well and truly out of it. Perfect.

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