Sunday, January 31, 2010

The problem with babies...

Sure, they're cute. But they cry...and they get sick. My friend had to cancel a brunch on me this weekend because her baby was not feeling well. "The baby just puked everywhere", she texted, "so I don't think we can meet up tomorrow morning". Bugger.

Then again, babies can also be the perfect alibi when you can't be f^&ked. No one ever questions the credibility of the parent if they use their baby as an excuse. "Sorry, cant make it. The baby is sick" or "Sorry, cant make it. The baby is sleeping" is much more believable than "Sorry, cant make it. I'm sick" or "Sorry, can't make it. I'm sleeping".


Cazzie!!! said...

Yeah, shame about that. I only ever cancelled a visit with a friend once because one of my kiddies was sick with an ear infection. Poor Nicholas, used to get them alot. I put him on good old echinacea and they seemed to subside.
Being frank to a mate is better than making up an excuse.

the immigayrant said...

"Sorry I'm sleeping"? LoL! Of course no one would believe that. Hahahaha!