Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drinking problem?

I think Nathan's 'friend/former colleague' has a drinking problem. This is the same guy who, only a few months ago, had cut his face up pretty bad at the greyhound after he was allegedly set upon by thugs (it later transpired he had fallen over in the courtyard in a drunken stupor). He seems to always be drunk.

We caught up with the same guy at the pride march on Sunday. At 1pm, he was already off his face. And when we left him at 9pm, he was stumbling back to the Prince of Wales (even though we had advised him that this was probably not a good idea).

During conversation with him on Sunday, he mentioned how he had woken up on new years day in the emergency room of a hospital in New York after he had got himself drunk on vacation.

The problem is that neither Nathan nor I know him that well. And he doesn't seem to have any other friends. I wonder if it appropriate to hold an intervention nonetheless.


Evol Kween said...

Sounds like he's drinking out of loneliness, and yet his drinking is obviously antisocial. Maybe, you guys need to decide how involved in his problems you want to become, before deciding whether to offer any advice?

Andrew said...

You could be kind and help, but then you could just stay right away from what I think would a thankless project.