Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letting go

I caught up with a mate last night for dinner. I hadn't seen Ben for years. We went to law school together (and he is one of only two friends that ended up pursuing careers as lawyers...the rest of us never went further than getting our degrees conferred).

When we were emailing each other to organise the dinner, I asked Ben whether he was in Melbourne for work or fun. He replied that he was no longer working. It turns out that after nearly 10 years as a high flying lawyer working in multinational law firms and banks in Asia and the UK, Ben had decided that enough was enough and quit his job. "There is no such thing as a happy lawyer", Ben told me last night, "only happy EX-lawyers".

After quitting, he took his motorbike on a road trip around Japan, came back to Oz and upgraded his diving qualifications, and is now considering going off to Paris to learn French. So many people get stuck in jobs that they absolutely loath. It was nice to see someone taking positive steps to reflect and do something about it.

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Single Guy said...

Life is way too short! I'm planning the same thing soon! quit and go study in Europe!