Sunday, March 14, 2010

The collector

When I first moved into my apartment, my mantra was definitely 'less is more'. I guess it was a convenient rule to live by since I had brought very little stuff to Melbourne when I moved here 4 years ago. However, since then, I have started to acquire more and more stuff (including a bf and some of his stuff). So, in the end, my once minimilist aesthetic is being thrown out the window and I am finding myself embracing maximalism.

I think my biggest problem is that I'm a collector. And my current vice is art. Unfortunately my apartment is small and two walls are glass so there isn't much available wall space for hanging my rapidly growing collection. For a while, I decided I should stop buying paintings and started to amass sculpture instead (given how much more floor space there is compared to wall space). This is not really a long term solution though since I still want to be able to walk around, and actually live in, my apartment.

So...what to do? I asked this of several people yesterday (and am open to further suggestions). One person said I should buy a bigger house. Another said I could rotate what I actually hang on the walls (and lean all the rests against each other on the floor somewhere in the apartment). I also have been considering this as a last resort:


Victor said...

I've got plenty of wall space in my minimalist home if you want loan some works out.


Adaptive Radiation said...

Loaning out my that's an idea. A friend with a bicycle obsession does just that...he buys them and then lends them to his friends.

Evol Kween said...

I think rotating pictures is what mot collectors do, you could put those not hanging in storage somewhere??

Adaptive Radiation said...

EK...another good idea. nathan actually has some of his stuff in a storage facility so potentially I could add my stuff to his.