Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mornington to Melbourne

There were several ocassions last night when I seriously thought I was going to die.

Nathan went down to the Mornington Peninsula yesterday to meet up with his grandmother to take her to Melbourne to attend another grandson's wedding over the weekend. Grandma is a fiesty one and still insists on driving (but needed Nathan by her side to give her road directions). She also hates it when her grandkids call her grandma so we all have to call her Marney instead.

Any how, Nathan and Marney picked me up from work and we first stopped into Crown for dinner. We got Marney a crayfish. She loves crayfish (even the overboiled, tasteless rubbery one she ended up ordering at Margo's inside the gaming area).

After dinner we proceeded up to Eltham (which is near shit creek, two miles east of Timbuktu, just past woop woop).

I must say that as impressed as I am about the idea of elderly people with cars, night driving is definitely not Marney's thing. And Nathan's poor road directions didn't help one little bit. We stopped suddenly several times right in the middle of the road, there were some pretty hair-raising lane changes in busy traffic, and we nearly reversed into an embankment (with centimetres to spare). But we got there in the end.

After we delivered Marney to the motel, Nathan wanted to drive Marney's car back into the city. Given that he is still on his L's (how bloody ridiculous is that?) and that he was half to blame for our near death experiences, I promptly snatched the keys off him and decided that I would drive us home instead.


Campbell said...

It does sound hair-raising AR, hopefully you can avoid any further riding with her this weekend, although she does sound like a character.
Hopefully I won't come across her while I'm on the bike around town.

Andrew said...

An executive decision well made. May you drive more often.

Victor said...

Sounds like my bridge partner. I refuse to be a passenger when she drives.