Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest acquisition and catching up with friends

Taking time off can be expensive. Wednesday was art gallery day. I ended up with this:

The white lines are meant to be clouds.

Last night was the exhibition opening and I took my friend Sarah to show her the painting and to meet the artist. Sarah is right up there on my list of most favourite people. We met in 2004 at a conference in Europe and instantly hit it off. Sarah's originally from South Africa but has been working in Sydney for the last four years. She is a brilliant scientist and her discoveries have received widespread media interest, with radio and TV appearances. But what I love most about Sarah is her humility. She is amazingly down to Earth and also one of the most genuine and generous people I know.

Tomorrow I'm off to Lakes Entrance to spend a few days with Hanna, another scientist friend, who is on her way down to Melbourne from Canberra via a rather circuitous route. Hanna is a real foodie and I reckon there is going to be some great dining experiences in store. Can't wait.


Cazzie!!! said...

Lakes Entrance is one of our favourite places to go. My daughter keeps on asking to go back there all the time! The scallops are lovely there too, so nice and fresh, your friend would appreciate that I bet :)

Adaptive Radiation said...

Just got back...the scallops were amazing!!!