Thursday, April 29, 2010

The assumption

Fellow blogger, Victor, was recounting a story about the assumptions straight people make. Today, I was reminded of his post when I went to pick up some jeans that I had brought in to get mended at a shop at Southern Cross Station. I had gone to the shop a few days earlier with my youngest sister who is in town in the lead up to my other sister's wedding. When I went back today, the chinese lady asked me whether the woman I was with was my wife or my girlfriend. I found this a little odd since Nathan and I are regulars at the shop and even pick up each others clothing. Was the owner yet another straight person making an assumption or was she subtly trying to figure out if I was gay?

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Ann ODyne said...

She knows already (because of the tasteful, well-kept clothes) and was probably trying to create a conversation where she could tell you about her own son/brother.