Thursday, May 6, 2010

The week that was

Wow, what a week it's been. One of my sisters got married on Sunday. It was one of those big chinese weddings with a reception that included sumptious dishes with auspicious names like 'heavenly quail' (which, by the way, really was quite heavenly).

The actual wedding day was terrific; I've never seen my sister so happy (which is the way it should be). When she was walking towards the alter at the church she had the biggest beaming smile (which reminded me of Muriel's wedding in Muriel's wedding). Both she and my brother-in-law gave fantastic speeches (in three languages) which had me bawling my eyes out (which was quite unexpected for me and made Nathan laugh). Everything went well on the day.

The lead up to Sunday, on the other hand, was very stressful and hectic. We had a wedding rehearsal at the Church on Friday (where, as an aside, I randomly bumped into one of my old maths teacher from Canberra whom, I think, is now a priest!).

On Saturday, the rest of the family and I were running around like headless chooks. There was food to organise for the Saturday evening pre-wedding dinner (which included a delicious suckling pig), constant drives back and forth to pick up visitors from the airport, and an unexpected dash to the dog sitter's (because the old family shi tsu was stressing out living with white people and was missing the excessive pampering to which he was normally accustomed).

Anyhow...I had decided to take another week off this week and just chill out. In the aftermath, I've managed to catch a head cold so it's just as well. Plenty of hot tea for me and relaxing visits to art galleries. Am also meeting up with a friend from Europe who just missed out on being selected by the European Union to become an astronaut (but that's another story for another time).

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