Sunday, April 11, 2010

The footy

Nate is at an AFL game this afternoon. I really don't understand the Melbourne obsession with Aussie rules football. Every weekend (around this time of year), I see scores of footy fans file past my apartment complex on their way to the Stadium.

I went to the footy twice last year, not so much for the game (or even to perve at the players) but, rather, to enjoy the meat pies.

Postscript: Nate just came back...with four jam doughnuts.


Andrew said...

I have no interest in football per se, but he side gossip is compelling. I am sure you saved two doughnuts for tomorrow.

Cazzie!!! said...

It was fun in the 80's when I followed Carlton cheersquad up to Sydney and got to sit behind the goals watching Capper do his thing in his shorty shorts. Also, watching the Swanettes dance on a stace behind goals to the lyrics on the load speaker "You show 'em Sydney" Oh boy!

Victor said...

I love a pie at the football.

Strangely, the same brand pies eaten at home taste like rubbish.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Nate ate three. I ate the remainder.
Cazzie: I'm glad I was not in footy mad Melbourne when Capper (and his infamous shorts) were out and about.
Victor: Am totally hearing you on the home versus stadium pie experience.