Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning in Fitzroy

I'm not sure how I've managed to live in Melbourne for the last 5 years and not known about Mario's cafe on Brunswick Street. I walked past it yesterday arvo and noticed the paintings hanging on the walls inside the cafe and decided to pop in for a quick look. The place was packed and I decided then and there that I had to return for food.

Flash forward to late this morning when I managed to drag Nathan out of bed and up to Fitzroy for brunch at Mario's. The food was yummy, especially the breakfast special that Nathan ordered. It was basically egg, cheese and bechamel sauce sandwiched between two pieces of buttery toast. Calories + saturated fat = tasty.

After brekky, Nathan wanted to check out the Kodak Salon at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. The problem was that neither of us knew exactly where it was (other than the fact that the CCP was suppose to be on George Street and that George Street was somewhere nearby). Fortuitously, a turn down a side street got us there. After seeing the exhibition, Nathan is now more determined than ever to get himself a good camera for Christmas (Naturally, I will be his muse!).

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the immigayrant said...

5 Years in Melbourne? Where were you from previously?

I was from Jakarta and I've only been in Melbourne for 3 years. ^_^