Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend in the Emerald City

Nathan and I headed up to Sydney on Thursday night to visit friends for the weekend.

We spent Friday morning gorging on seafood at the Sydney Fish Markets before visiting my favourite gallery on Dank street in Waterloo. In the evening we caught up with Sasha and Simon who had made a reservation at a greek restaurant where participation in the Zorba and the smashing of plates were apparently compulsory (I did very badly at the former and nearly took out someone's shin with the latter).

Nate and I caught up with Sasha and Simon again on the Saturday night for what was arguably the best pub meal I've ever eaten (at the Cooper's Hotel in Newtown). The TV screens were a little distracting though and I found myself glued to the coverage of the election. We later moved to a bar devoid of television monitors for cocktails where I managed to have a non alcoholic beverage called a tutti frutti (very predictable, I know).

Before flying back to Melbourne on Sunday, we headed out to Fort Denison for a visit. Fortuitously, even without a reservation, we managed to get a table at the fancy restaurant on the Fort and enjoyed a nice meal with the harbour backdrop.

Nate and I returned to wet and cold Melbourne on Sunday night. I wish we had Sydney's winter weather. I think the temps on the weekend in Sydney were the warmest I had experienced since leaving Summer in Finland.

Need to make another trip up again soon (Victor, I haven't forgotten about our outing for pho and Paddington markets!).


Victor said...

I was composing a comment in my head as I read this post...and then I reached your final sentence.

We did have great winter weather last weekend and I took an impromptu ferry trip to Sydney Olympic Park and back on the Sunday and enjoyed every minute. I'm impressed that you got to Fort Denison, I've lived in Sydney for most of my 61 years and have not set foot on it yet!

Adaptive Radiation said...

It's not terribly big but I did enjoy my lunch there.