Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surprise house warming

It's been months in the planning: a surprise housewarming party for my friends Kath and Emile. It's actually a second housewarming to make up for their first one when no one turned up. This time round, to avoid a piss poor turn out, we organized a night that would guarantee maximum attendance and then hatched an elaborate plan.

The plan involved organizing a quiet decoy "dinner" at Kath and Emile's home with one of their friends. This was to ensure that they'd actually be home when the rest of us turned up with the food and drinks....Housewarming parties aren't much fun when you can't get into the house because the occupiers are out on the town. The plan also involved organizing a decoy Sunday activity (a trip to the Camberwell markets) to ensure that neither Kath nor Emile had any early morning plans that might ruin a fun-filled night of partying.

Meanwhile, the rest of us gathered at South Yarra station and then walked to Kath and Emile's house, quietly gathered in front of the door, and then rung the door bell. Emile answered the door and basically stood in the doorway speechless for what seemed like eternity before someone in our group suggested he let us into the house. It was quite the home invasion and it took them a while to come around to the fact that they were now hosting a housewarming party (rather than a quiet night in). I'm not quite sure if anyone knows whether the camberwell market outing is still happening though. I suspect not.


Ann ODyne said...

you 'swarmed' their haus.

I bet it all made you feel good.
Your organisational capabilities are proven. It's good to have friends.


Great idea! Will have to try it this way for my brothers upcoming house warming. Thanks for sharing!