Friday, August 13, 2010

A suitor for Emma

I had the day off again and decided to visit Emma who manages a gallery in the city.

Whilst I was there, a man walks in, says hello, then proceeds to look around.

Emma and I start chatting in her office. Thirty minutes later I realize that the man was still loitering around. I felt bad and told her that she should attend to the customer but she assures me that he has an ulterior motive... the guy wants to ask her out on a date. I told her I should go so he can have the opportunity (I'm a romantic at heart) but she insists that I stay.

Eventually the guy runs out of patience and comes over to the office. After exchanging idle chit chat, he tells Emma he'll come back tomorrow and then leaves. Emma looked relieved. She had only recently come out of a relationship. I tell her that the guy seems nice and, besides, is only asking her out for coffee; not proposing marriage. I thought she should give the guy a go (I felt sorry for him and, besides, he was totally hot). Emma tells me that she is not ready to start dating again and wasn't looking for love. It turned out Emma had an ulterior motive too. You see, Emma is after more male friends. She thinks there is something wrong about the female gender bias of her friendship circle and thought this guy might be able to help her redress the imbalance. She saw him as friendship material (He evidently was thinking something else). I tell Emma that love happens when one is busy doing other things and besides, if the coffee date isn't going well she can always start talking about her ex or her daughter.


Victor said...

I could do with someone - hot or not - hanging around my workplace wanting to ask me out for coffee.


Ann ODyne said...

"he was thinking something else"
It gets very nasty when the Invitee does not 'come across' - best not to risk 'Friendship'.
Melbourne blogger Pareidoliac Eyes got a 1500-word nasty nasty email from a guy after their first date when she did not. Sadly, she had really liked him (until the email sent her into shock).
I love my gay friends because I can be myself, instead of constantly worrying about what 'messages' I might be sending. testosterone is the most dangerous drug. Emma is right (until/unless her art lover, returns with a massive jewellery case and impressive flowers).