Thursday, October 7, 2010

Acting your age

It seems that people spend a heck of a lot of time and effort to hide their true age. Young people want to look older. Old people want to look younger. When you're young, it is flattering to be mistaken for being older. And when your older, it's flattering to be mistaken for being younger. But when you're in your 30s, it's not terribly nice to be mistaken for a senior citizen. Or at least that's what Nathan tells me. A couple of days ago a stranger on the tram offered his seat for Nathan to sit down. At first Nate thought the guy was getting off at the next stop but then realised that the man had mistook him for an older gentleman. I really should be more supportive but when Nathan told me the story I couldn't help but burst into laughter.


Andrew said...

I am not going to be offended when it happens to me. I will just gratefully take the seat.

Victor said...

I'm with Andrew.

I'm 61 and have yet to be offered a seat on transport by anyone.