Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Court

The conference is over and I'm about to head back to the east coast (and the three hour time, getting to work on Monday morning is going to be tough).

The conference dinner was held on the last evening of the conference on Friday night. It was listed in the conference program as starting at 7pm and finishing 'late' which, in Perth, was midnight. So...after being ushered out of the conference centre by some very surly security guys and then taking my very drunk PhD student back to his hotel, I met up with some other colleagues at The Court Hotel for some dancing.

The Court Hotel is probably the least gay nightclub I had ever been to. I'm not sure if it was an unusual evening (participants from The University Games were also in town) but the people making out (and taking up valuable space) on the dance floor were mostly straight couples. Still, it was fun dancing with my biologist friends (we are all so terribly geeky and uncoordinated). At about 2am, surly security guys once, again, started ushering us, this time, out into the courtyard as they were about to close the bar and dance floor inside (what is it with early closing times and security guys in WA?). It had been a long day of conferencing so we decided to head back to our respective hotels.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

Maybe it's the WA heat.
Los Angeles is an early-to-bed city too. People dine early in the best restaurants. Hit any Melbourne 5-star at 6:30pm and have them look-askance, oh yes indeed.

Hair must be 'let-down' after a conference, and I'm pleased to hear you managed it, however briefly.