Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday surprise

The reason we were heading to Canberra was to surprise mum for her 60th. My siblings and I had invested in a very expensive handbag (purchased from one of those up market stores at the "Paris end" of Collins Street) which I then proceeded to misplace in the Tiger Airways terminal. The realisation I had lost the bag came three hours after clearing security. We were waiting at the terminal to board our delayed flight when I suddenly remembered the bag. The conversation then went something like this:

Me: Where's the Louis Vuitton bag?
Nathan: You're kiding me right?
Me: Shit. Where did I put it?
Nathan: Fuck.

I then tried to retrace my steps. Newslink. Nope. Cafe. Nope. We then ended up at the security check point.

Nathan (to security guy): This might sound like a strange question but did someone hand in a Louis Vuitton bag?
Security guy: No, it's not a strange question. And 'yes' we have it out the back.

Phew. The bag was delivered to mum on the Sunday and I avoided the potential wrath of the siblings.


BwcaBrownie said...

The Wrath Of The Siblings - just the thought of it makes me glad I am an Only-Child.
I saw a birthday cake in a Malvern shop this week, and it was iced a la LV and the same shape as the bag in your photo.
Lucky Mum though.

Andrew said...

You made Nathan ask security when you lost it? Poor form...but I would have done the same.

Adaptive Radiation said...

BB: Hmmm...LV b'day cake. Now why didn't we think of that?

A: At the time, I was pretty insistent it was all Nathan's fault (even though it wasn't). Plus... he is much better in a crisis than I am.

Victor said...

wow, you were lucky!