Monday, November 22, 2010

Tiger tantrums

Nate and I went up to Canberra for the weekend. We flew Tiger Airways so there shouldn't be any surprises that (a) both the outbound and inbound flights were delayed (3 and 1.5 hours respectively) and (b) we were slugged with an extra $80 for not pre-purchasing our luggage (Nathan's fault) and checking in online (a flow on effect of thinking we had to check in in person because we had luggage) . Silly us. The woman at check in was actually surprised how good we were taking the extra charges. in truth, Nate had worked for another low-budget carrier and is always insistent it's the passenger's fault for not reading their terms and condition and, more importantly, we were trying not to attract the camera crew who were standing around filming for the Airlines reality program.


Victor said...

I think these airlines rely on passengers misreading the conditions.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes...very sneaky.